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Motown Museum

The Motown Museum is located in the heart of Detroit’s Historic Hitsville USA, where the legendary Motown sound was born. The museum offers visitors a chance to explore its five floors and discover over 100 exhibits that celebrate the history and impact of Motown music.

Guests can also take part in interactive activities including listening to classic recordings in Studio A where classic hits were recorded by artists like The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder.

The museum also features an on-site gift shop full of exclusive merchandise including CDs, t-shirts, books, videos and other collectible items related to Motown history. Additionally, there are opportunities for live entertainment experiences such as performances from special guest artists at events like the Annual Motown Winter Blast.

The mission of the Motown Museum is to “preserve, protect, and celebrate the legacy of Motown music and its profound cultural impact on Detroit and around the world”. The museum strives to make sure that young visitors understand how Motown shaped Detroit by offering weekly family programs such as story time for kids and guided tours focused on musical history.

Motown Museum offers a unique experience for all visitors, from those who are passionate about music history to those simply looking for an enjoyable daytrip. With a rich collection of artifacts, interactive activities, events and more, this renowned institution remains one of the most beloved attractions in Detroit today.

Visit the Motown Museum today and experience the legacy of “the sound of young America” for yourself. With its vibrant atmosphere, passionate staff and dedication to preserving musical history, an unforgettable journey awaits.

Explore the museum’s five floors and special events, or simply take in the sights and sounds that have shaped so much of American culture. A visit to Motown Museum is sure to leave a lasting impression.

For those planning a trip to Detroit, a visit to the iconic Motown Museum should be high on your list. This incredible institution has been inspiring and educating visitors since 1985 through their interactive exhibits and engaging programs.

Whether you’re an avid music enthusiast or just looking for a fun day out, you won’t regret your journey to this one-of-a-kind attraction. The Motown Museum is an essential part of Detroit’s cultural and musical history, and it truly is an experience like none other.

So book your ticket now and join the heartwarming celebration of music, culture and history at the Motown Museum! Experience the legacy of Motown firsthand—it will be a journey you’ll never forget.