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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potties

You probably already know that public restrooms in the U.S. are not always ADA-compliant. This can be a problem if you live in or visit a city. Keep your crew clean and your clothes smelling nice with these practical tips from Accessible Travel – The Official Travel Guide for ADA Compliance in Amusement Parks, Attractions, Casinos, and Other Places of Public Accommodation.

Public restrooms are not accessible for people with disabilities unless they are built as part of an accessible building or have an accessible toilet stall. This article explores some of the accessible porta potties in Detroit and their accessibility features so you can plan your next bathroom stop easily and confidently.

What is a wheelchair-accessible porta potty?

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty is an enclosed shed with a toilet, sink, and hand-drier. The urinal is missing from the stall because it would not be usable by someone who uses a wheelchair. Wheelchair-accessible porta potties are both ADA compliant and wheelchair secure.

Porta potties are often used to provide public restrooms during street fairs, conventions, public construction projects, or large-scale meetings where the local buildings do not have enough accessible facilities.

The most common type of porta potty is the portable toilet trailer that gets towed by a truck. It has eight white plastic walls that enclose the outer shell of the trailer and create an individual toilet room inside.

Why is it important to hire a wheelchair-accessible porta potty for your event?

As a convention or conference planner, you may be responsible for ensuring that all toilets at your event are wheelchair accessible. These include bidet and hand dryer accessible toilets as well. Many people with disabilities choose not to use these facilities because they are inconvenient or the environment may offend them due to the sight of urine in public places.

Disability rights activists have found that people with disabilities do not want to see other people use these facilities because they perceive it as disrespectful and gross. A porta potty can make you stand out as a person who is considerate of others and shows respect for their disability in the same way they would if they were using an ADA-compliant bathroom.

When are you required to hire a wheelchair-accessible porta potty in Detroit?

Section 508 of the ADA states that all public accommodations must be accessible to people with disabilities. This means that all public places, including restaurants, hotels, and convention centers, must have many accessible toilets and other features such as wheelchair-accessible tables and chairs.

ADA regulations specify that each public place must be able to meet the needs of people with disabilities who use wheelchairs or other mobility aids. Some public places, such as medical facilities, are required to make full accessibility easier than others. To ensure that your public place is accessible, you must have a wheelchair-accessible toilet on hand.

While specific laws may vary from state to state, the ADA clearly states that public locations such as restaurants and hotels must have full accessibility. This includes ADA-compliant toilets. You can hire a wheelchair-accessible porta potty for your event and make it easier for people with disabilities to attend your event by focusing on inclusive planning.

You should consider hiring a wheelchair-accessible porta potty in Detroit because it’s easy to use, presents no construction challenges, is cost-effective, and makes it easier for people with disabilities to enjoy your event with their friends and families.